2013-2014 Pre-Season Top 25

These rankings are based off of team performances at the NAQT HSNCT and PACE NSC, and how many of those players are returning. Flaws with these rankings can be due to:

1) Being unable to project individual player performance rates compared with those of others.
2) Teams that did not bring key players to HSNCT or NSC.
3) Difficulties projecting how players from multiple teams will perform together once on the same team.
4) Teams that were unable to bring additional teams to HSNCT or NSC.
5) Teams that return all of their players could be overrated.
6) “Shadow effects,” where a fantastic player’s stats cover up the possible impact of a teammate.

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5/3/2013 – Last Major Rankings Update!

Note that this update includes a lot of new calculations for difficulty adjustments. We now have over 4000 stat lines for over 2000 teams. These teams make up, in my estimation, the top 5% of quiz bowl teams in the U.S. and Canada.

I should specifically note that a few tumbles in the rankings from this set are due to some split teams being discovered and a couple of major stat errors being discovered. These have been accounted for and reflected in the following rankings.

Dropping out: 74 St. John’s B, 76 Arcadia B, 78 Ladue B, 80 Hume-Fogg, 82 IMSA B, 85 Harmony A, 87 University, 92 Parkway West, 93 Corbin, 94 Robinson, 95 Naperville North, 96 North Kansas City, 98 Irvine B, 99 Wheaton North, 100 Utica Academy
Entering: 50 Athens Academy, 53 North Hollywood B, 64 Oak Ridge, 67 Manheim Township, 70 Farragut, 83 Raleigh Charter B, 84 Livingston, 86 Lexington, 90 High Tech C, 91 Bergen County A, 92 La Jolla A, 93 San Dieguito A, 95 Hunter B, 97 Culver A, 100 Metea Valley
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Your Final Pre-Nationals Rankings For 2012

I’d like to thank everyone for following the blog this year, and for the feedback and assistance I’ve received. I’m happy to be told that, due to these rankings, teams have received the acclaim and support they deserve for their talents. That said, I am very happy to have finished this for the year; I don’t believe you’ll see a set of rankings extend to 200 teams again.

I’ve broken the top 40 or so into tiers, in an attempt to show how some teams are grouped tightly together. Just because one team’s a spot ahead in the rankings doesn’t mean that the decision was an easy one to make.

Best of luck to teams this weekend at HSNCT, NSC in two weekends, and NASAT the weekend after that. I hope to see many of you in Columbus the weekend of the 16th.

Your final pre-nationals rankings are after the jump.

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