Assorted Notes on HSNCT From 2009-2012

10-0 teams:
Georgetown Day, 2009, 5th
Dorman A, 2011, 21st (tied)

Worst 9-1 finishes, each year:
2012: 21st (t), High Tech A (0-2 in playoffs)
2011: 2nd, LASA A (6-2 in playoffs)
2010: 7th (t), Detroit Country Day (3-2 in playoffs)
2009: 2nd, Dorman A (5-2; only 9-1 team)

Best 7-3 finishes:

3rd, LASA A, 2012
5th (tied), Auburn (IL), 2012
7th (t), Torrey Pines, 2010
7th (t), Chaska, 2009
7th (t), Chattahoochee A, 2009
7th (t), Auburn (IL), 2009
7th (t), Walter Johnson, 2009
8th (t), Cistercian A, 2012
8th (t), Loyola, 2012
8th (t), St. Anselm’s, 2012
8th (t), Detroit Catholic Central B, 2011
8th (t), duPont Manual A, 2011
8th (t), Novi A, 2011
8th (t), Thomas Jefferson B (VA), 2011

Best 6-4 finishes:
7th (tied), Adair County, 2010
8th (tied), Enloe, 2012
11th (tied), Seven Lakes, 2010
13th (tied), St. Joseph (NJ), 2012
13th (tied), IMSA, 2011
17th (tied), Centennial, 2010
17th (tied), Dorman B, 2009
17th (tied), Hume-Fogg, 2009


Predicted HSNCT 8-2 or better teams

According to the discussion here, you can expect roughly this many teams with these records after Saturday:

9-1: 2 teams
8-2: 12 teams

Here’s my attempt at projecting them, given limited roster information.

9-1 teams: Ladue, St. John’s

8-2: Arcadia, Bellarmine, Belvidere North, Detroit Catholic Central, Dorman, IMSA A, LASA A, LASA B, Maggie Walker*, Montgomery Blair, Richard Montgomery, Thomas Jefferson A

Cistercian and Loyola will be missing a player(s) on Saturday; I expect both to go 7-3.
*I lack roster info here, so I’m assuming that they’re at full power

2013 Final Pre-Nationals Rankings

For the second straight year, I’ve grouped teams together in approximate tiers. This is an attempt to show some bunches of teams that have similar strength – the gaps aren’t that large in between, but that’s about where I see gaps when I do. Besides that, I put a couple notes on some top 20 teams, but not too much information.

Thanks to everyone that followed the rankings this year. This summer, we’ll try to take a look at accuracy of these rankings and the difficulty of sets.

Best of luck to everyone this weekend at HSNCT and in the coming weekends at NSC and NASAT.

Entering: 84 Arcadia B, 99 Ladue B, 100 Escobar B
Falling out: 91 Bergen County, 95 Hunter B, 97 Culver
Big jumps: Arcadia A, 20 to 10; Hickman, 46 to 26; Canyon Crest, 76 to 61; LASA C, 78 to 68; La Jolla A, 92 to 74

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5/3/2013 – Last Major Rankings Update!

Note that this update includes a lot of new calculations for difficulty adjustments. We now have over 4000 stat lines for over 2000 teams. These teams make up, in my estimation, the top 5% of quiz bowl teams in the U.S. and Canada.

I should specifically note that a few tumbles in the rankings from this set are due to some split teams being discovered and a couple of major stat errors being discovered. These have been accounted for and reflected in the following rankings.

Dropping out: 74 St. John’s B, 76 Arcadia B, 78 Ladue B, 80 Hume-Fogg, 82 IMSA B, 85 Harmony A, 87 University, 92 Parkway West, 93 Corbin, 94 Robinson, 95 Naperville North, 96 North Kansas City, 98 Irvine B, 99 Wheaton North, 100 Utica Academy
Entering: 50 Athens Academy, 53 North Hollywood B, 64 Oak Ridge, 67 Manheim Township, 70 Farragut, 83 Raleigh Charter B, 84 Livingston, 86 Lexington, 90 High Tech C, 91 Bergen County A, 92 La Jolla A, 93 San Dieguito A, 95 Hunter B, 97 Culver A, 100 Metea Valley
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Major Rankings Update Tomorrow

Check back tomorrow for an updated list of the top 100 quiz bowl teams. There’ll be one minor update before HSNCT and NSC. I’ll also be sending emails to teams to notify them of their placement, once it’s been finalized.

Edit: also, that will be the 100th post on this site. Seems appropriate.

Editx2: It should be visible around 11 a.m. ET on May 3rd.