Preseason Rankings 2011-2012: iMDQB version

Here are my preseason top 25. Since I never get to actually watch the best teams play, commentary on the teams would just lead to me awkwardly saying things like, “man, that Adam Silverman, sure knows how to hit a buzzer and say the correct answer.” So, instead, team commentary will be replaced by movie titles. Continue reading


Corrected Post-Season Rankings

I erred in a few ways with the rankings:

  • Most notably, I omitted Bergen County, Wayzata, and Detroit Country Day. I’ve placed these teams at 55, 59, and 53, respectively.
  • I failed to list Grand Junction (120) and Simon Kenton (77) as teams that entered the rankings after the pre-nationals rankings.
  • There were some errors with the previous rankings for LASA B, Oak Park River Forest, Johnson Central, and Canyon Crest; these have been corrected.

Thanks to Jon Pinyan for finding these corrections.

The updated rankings are after the jump; I stuck at 133 teams, since I didn’t feel like finding an additional 2 or 7 teams to stick in there.

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