High School Quiz Bowl Top 50 Update – 2/26/13

So, this time we had a couple of issues come up from the Texas Invitational. Stats were not up for the ACF portion of the competition as I did this, so Bellarmine A – with Sameer! – and their first full performance is not considered for this. Additionally, Northmont was missing Sam Blizzard for a significant number of matches during this event; I’m not sure if I will consider just those games or do what I did here & just use the default stats. It’s something I’ll have to consider.

Entering: 44 Kellenberg A, 45 Western Albermarle A, 47 High Tech A, 50 Irvine A

Falling out: Bellarmine B (42), Russell A (45), Carbondale A (46), Ezell-Harding A (47)
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