Top 100 – 10/30/2011

Changes this week: I added the results of the Centerville and Olmsted Falls FKT mirrors, the Virginia Cav Classic, and the Tournament of Righteous Justice (no teams from this one, though the top two are not too far outside of the current cutoff). I also tried to establish the difficulty of different sets a little more clearly, and reevaluated split teams like Ladue and Hoover.

Edit 1: I removed a duplicate Cave Spring, combined their stats, adjusted the rankings behind them, and moved Maclay back in.
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(Approximate) Difficulty Adjustments for Sets

The number after the name of a set indicates the adjustment. Higher positive numbers indicate a difficult set; “higher” negative numbers indicate an easier set. You can use these values with a team’s ppb to get a rule of thumb adjustment for their stats to compare with performances on a NAQT Invitational Series set.

Note that these are approximate. If it’s early in a season, it’d be more fair to call some of these guesses.

Note that if/when these are adjusted, it can result teams to move in the rankings, perhaps significantly.

Last updated: 10/30/11

IS +0
IS A set -4
FKT -5

Top 60 – October 17

Only have results for one tournament to add, that being the UIUC Earlybird on OLEFIN. That produced enough stat lines where I didn’t want to just go with 55, so I slid the next couple of teams in from the bottom.

I’ve removed Cistercian B from the rankings since the main scorer for that team is going to be on their A team most of the time. I’ve moved their A team up accordingly.

IMSA gets a bit of a boost from a strong performance, and I resist the urge to move Auburn even higher given that their team was short two of their top players. Still going to wait for Bellarmine and Centennial to actually play something, for now at least.

After that, Latin School, New Trier, Macomb, and Rock Bridge all move in pretty much as one group.
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Top 35 – October 4

The rankings are slowly expanding, as I try to mash in teams that weren’t in the top 25 but have played tournaments with teams that were in the top 25 and have played something. IT IS DIFFICULT. So, these are probably really bad rankings.

It should be noted that last year in the final pre-nationals rankings, the 100th team had a PPB of about 19.

They aren’t in there yet, but I’m sure Arcadia B and East Chapel Hill will be showing up in the rankings at some point.

(No puns this time, though I did fight off the temptation to basically pull quotes from Pokemon Silver/Gold’s radio and haphazardly paste them around. LOYOLA’s is so cool, no? DUNBAR A is too picky!)
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