Expanded Rankings – Top 100 – 3/8/13

So, I took a bit of time and expanded this list to 100 teams. We’ll try to stay at this many teams for the rest of the season. Note that this is just an extension of the previous rankings, so the previous rankings for the top 50 won’t have changed.

I’ve decided to remove Bellarmine B from the rankings, since its best performances came with players who played on the one tournament that a true Bellarmine A team has been at.

The next ranking update my come in April, though I will be busy with finals; there is a possibility that this might be the last one until the pre-nationals ranking. There will not be a post-national ranking this year.

Update: had inflated stats for Kickapoo, giving them about 10 extra ppb on one tournament; obviously, that’s going to affect things. Dropped them from the rankings, moved everyone else up, including Utica Academy A.

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