Top 200 Quiz Bowl Teams – 2/6/19

Asterisks denote aPPBs projected from powers per game.

Big jumps (20+ spots): Santa Monica A (CA), 173 to 33; Lambert A (GA), 98 to 50; George Washington A (WV), 101 to 66; Altamont A (AL), 113 to 71; University Lab B (IL), 160 to 128; Eden Prairie A (MN), 181 to 132
Entering: 174 Bergen Tech-Teterboro A (NJ), 180 Maggie Walker A (VA), 181 Carbondale A (IL), 189 Seven Lakes A (TX)
Exiting: 196 Penn Manor A (PA), 197 Springfield A (IL), 198 Norfolk Academic Guild A (VA), 199 Williamsville A (IL)

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A request

I wanted to send along a quick note. One of my fellow members of PACE, Bernadette Spencer, was struck by a car while bicycling earlier this week. She’s currently in the ICU. From the sound of things, her injuries could have ended up a lot worse than they currently are, but she’s suffered quite a few injuries.

Her boyfriend, Rob Carson, has put together a Go Fund Me to help with their bills while she recovers. You can find the page at

Chances are, if you’ve been involved in quiz bowl in the past five plus years, you or your child has attended an event that either Rob or Bernadette have put a lot of work into. I know that PACE would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for their hard work. If you’re able to make a donation to them in this difficult time, please consider doing so.

Thank you so much for reading this,

Fred Morlan