Quick SSNCT Update

Day 1 is over. Preliminary results are here. Playoff brackets are here.

Teams that were ranked entering the tournament:

#23 Harmony Science Academy of North Austin (TX) – 9-0, 3 seed
#45 Hallsville (MO) – 9-0, 1 seed
#64 Glasgow (KY) – 9-0, 2 seed
#105 Baconton Charter (GA) – 8-1, 11 seed
#149 Richland (MO) – 9-0, 6 seed

I know BASIS Scottsdale (9-0, 4 seed) and Macomb (8-1, 8 seed) had been in the rankings earlier this year. I’m probably forgetting a few others.

If scoring trends hold up, it sure looks like Hallsville, Glasgow and HSANA are going to end up the top three.

Should be a fun playoff bracket. Best of luck to everyone!


Name of the Year Bracket Analysis

We’re almost done with the first round of this year’s Name of the Year bracket. Since I love stuff like this, we’ll take a quick look at all of the regions.

Dragonwagon Regional

Overall, I find this the weakest bracket in terms of aesthetics. Only two names got more than 80% of the vote in the first round, and they’re my two favorites: Dr. Wallop Promthong and Infinite Grover. I think you’ll see those two meet in the regional finals, especially if Grover beats Genghis Muskox this next round.

Crotchtangle Regional

This region is currently voting. One seed Mussolini Africano is doing well, as is Queeniemoney Hughey, Dr. Data Longjohn and Beethoven Bong. But I’m convinced that the winner is going to be Amanda Miranda Panda, a woman who was arrested in Florida Idaho. Panda vs. Bong may come in the Elite Eight, but it’s probably going to be the real deciding game here.

Bulltron Regional

Kermit Carolina may have provided the requisite 5-12 upset, but this was a very split first round – only Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa and Cherries Waffles Tennis breached 80% of the vote, though an actual famous participant (Andromeda Dunker) and some victims of underseeding (Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick, Sunshine Crump) might carry some of the blame/credit for this. I really think this will see Cherries Waffles Tennis advance.

Sithole Regional

Two very strong contenders are here in #3 Lancelot Supersad, Jr. and #1 Dr. Electron Kebebew; both received over 89% of the vote. The next closest was #2 Jazznique St. Junious with 73%. I believe the closest result came in this region, with Flavious Coffee beating Erhard Thumfart 50.4-49.6 (late correction: this honor actually belong to Dwellie Striggles vs. Odd Hackwelder from the Dragonwagon region, with a 50.18-49.82 victory for Striggles).

Final Four

I think we’ll come down to Infinite Grover vs. Amanda Miranda Panda and Cherries Waffles Tennis vs. Lancelot Supersad, Jr.