Post-Season Top 130

Before I launch into the rankings, I should note my view points.

1) Attendance at HSNCT and/or NSC  is key to producing a valued ranking of a team; these performances were extremely heavily weighted in this ranking. Teams that did not attend either national were eligible to be ranked, but did see drops down the rankings.

2) Because there is no perfect format, I don’t agree 100% with the final order of finish from either the NSC or HSNCT. I think the NSC tends to be closer due to the problems caused by double elimination, but there were certainly issues with this year’s NSC that are well discussed at this point. I looked at who teams beat, their numbers, and so forth.

3) I ended up with 130 teams ranked, so I thought I’d just as well post them.

Thanks to everyone for reading the rankings this season. I hope you enjoyed them and that you were able to learn something from it, and that they were of value to the community.

Here are the final rankings:

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