2014-15 Stat Adjustments – Updated 3/8/2015

Keep in mind that the higher a number is, the more difficult the set graded out to be; the easier a set, the lower its adjustment value. NAQT IS sets are always grouped together, as are their A sets.

Penn Bowl +9.14
DEES +8.48
MD Spring +3.35
ACF Fall +3.11
Harvard Fall +2.24
NAQT SCT D2 +2.15
SSNCT +1.38
BHSAT +1.32
BISB +0.70
VTACO +0.18
HSAPQ 53 +0.13
HERMES +0.03
NAQT IS Sets +0.00
GSAC -0.14
Potatoville -0.85
NAQT A Sets -3.98


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