5/3/2013 – Last Major Rankings Update!

Note that this update includes a lot of new calculations for difficulty adjustments. We now have over 4000 stat lines for over 2000 teams. These teams make up, in my estimation, the top 5% of quiz bowl teams in the U.S. and Canada.

I should specifically note that a few tumbles in the rankings from this set are due to some split teams being discovered and a couple of major stat errors being discovered. These have been accounted for and reflected in the following rankings.

Dropping out: 74 St. John’s B, 76 Arcadia B, 78 Ladue B, 80 Hume-Fogg, 82 IMSA B, 85 Harmony A, 87 University, 92 Parkway West, 93 Corbin, 94 Robinson, 95 Naperville North, 96 North Kansas City, 98 Irvine B, 99 Wheaton North, 100 Utica Academy
Entering: 50 Athens Academy, 53 North Hollywood B, 64 Oak Ridge, 67 Manheim Township, 70 Farragut, 83 Raleigh Charter B, 84 Livingston, 86 Lexington, 90 High Tech C, 91 Bergen County A, 92 La Jolla A, 93 San Dieguito A, 95 Hunter B, 97 Culver A, 100 Metea Valley
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