Unofficial Rankings – Every Team By Their Best aPPB

I decided to go ahead and output a list of every single team I have listed by their single best adjusted PPB. This list will differ from my subjective, official rankings; the reason for this is that while I do give the most weight to a team’s single best performance, I also compare similar teams’ other best performances to do those rankings.

It should be noted that this is not considered an official ranking.
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Quiz Bowl Top 50 – 1/28/2013

Difficulty adjustments have not been recalculated
Adjustments for new sets LIST, CATT and IMSANITY have been calculated and added this time

New to the rankings: Carbondale A (IL), Maggie Walker B (VA), Marist A (GA), Norcross A (GA), Russell A (KY)

Falling out from last time: Kellenberg A (NY) (was 43rd), Walnut Hills A (OH) (45th), Irvine A (CA) (48th), Pikeville A (KY) (49th), Winchester Thurston A (PA) (50th)

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Minor Rankings Update – 1/9/13

Minor Update for the new year; incorporating only one tournament (Scarsdale hasn’t posted combined stats yet, and I reserve the right to not put that much time into coming up with those at this time). Made a few flips after looking at things a little more as well; biggest jump was Belvidere North up to 12th.

And I guess you could call 26-28… Saints Row.

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