Top 200 High School Quiz Bowl Teams – 2/16/2014

This is a fairly minor update, but we have 13 new teams entering the rankings and slight movement in the top 10. We get out first Iowa team since the end of the 2012 season, a Louisiana team enters the top 100, and we have multiple teams from Washington state for the first time ever. IMSA remains ranked higher nationally than they are in their silly IHSA Regionals*.

Also, seven teams move up at least 10 spots, with the biggest rise being 25 spots. Ten teams enter the rankings for the first time in their school history as well!

ETA on the next high school update: circa March 3rd.

*Edit one: Originally indicated that the problematic tournament was Masonic Regionals, when it was actually IHSA Regionals. Apologies for the error.

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IHSA Seeding

Maybe I should just hang this up, after a group of coaches somehow decided to seed Wheaton North, Metea Valley and Naperville North above IMSA. This isn’t a slight against any of those three teams: they’re all very solid and anyone who would lose to them should not be ashamed. But even if you don’t trust my aPPB method (which ranks IMSA third in the world), you’d be very hard pressed to make a reasonable argument that IMSA is anything other than a top five or ten team this year. Whatever system that resulted in this decision can only be declared irreparably broken.