2016-17 Preseason Rankings

A quick reminder: please consider donating to the fundraiser for PACE I’m doing based off of my work for the rankings. You can find more information here. PACE is a great organization that I’ve really enjoyed working for for a long time now. Any gift would be greatly appreciated.

I’m very excited for this upcoming season. I hope everyone has a lot of fun and a lot of success.

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Monetizing my Madness: a PACE Fundraiser

I was thinking about my effort to track how much work I put into HSQBRank and thought of a way that it could be beneficial to the community, rather than a way to whine and/or mock myself.

What I’m asking you to do is make a pledge on a per-hour basis to PACE’s Outreach Fund. For each hour I work on the rankings, you make a donation. Since I’ve been a poor college student/graduate before, I really don’t care how much you pledge (though we probably should agree that a penny per hour is a reasonable minimum).

I’ve never really tracked how much time I put in a year for the rankings. If I had to guess, I’d say that I spend about 100 hours annually, give or take. I have no idea how accurate this is, though.

And if you don’t trust my estimation abilities, feel free to commit to a flat amount, either as a fail safe or else as an alternative to a per-hour basis

I’ll post a public list of everyone who’s pledged. If you’d prefer to stay anonymous, you can do so.

It’ll be each individual’s responsibility to make good on their donation at the end of the year. If you fail to donate what you pledged, I won’t refrain from shaming you.

To sign up, post in this thread or email me at fredmorlan@gmail.com.

Edit: as a reminder: PACE is a 501(c)(3)! Your donations are tax deductible!