No update for a week or two

I’m taking at least the next week off to focus on improving the rankings some, and to also get other things done. If I need more time, I’ll skip another week rather than rush back into this.

February 21 – A New Top 150, A New Hope

This post has been delayed by driving, work, and apparently losing EIGHT POUNDS~

So we have another shake up at the top. We also have some other minor changes.

Tournaments added this time: Texas Invitational, Texas ACF Regionals, Glen Gonsalves Memorial (Saturday & Sunday; Sunday is prelims only), Drake University Bulldog Bowl, Run for the Roses, and TJIAT (prelims only).

I’m going to delay the next update a little bit more than usual because I have a lot of maintenance work I want to get done on the rankings for this year, plus other things.

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Has this site helped you?

Completely random request, but I’ll roll it out there anyway: I’m just curious as to if this site has helped any teams. If you’d be interested in sharing them, email me at . I’ll post the (appropriate ones) on the site if I have a chance (of course, if you want to let me know but don’t want it published, mention that in the email and I’d happily follow your wishes).

Top 150 High School Quiz Bowl Rankings Update – Feb. 5

No big changes at the very top. The highest spot where there was a change was 29th. Quite a bit of movement throughout, though, with 9 new teams and 7 teams making moves of 10 spots or more, including one going up almost 100 spots.

Tournaments added this time: Half Hollow Hills West Invitational, Standard division of Loyola Ultima, Rock Bridge Winter Invitational, Culver Varsity, Rube Goldberg Invitational, SnowCAT, Baby Anteater, Washington Winter Classic, IHSSBCA Kickoff at Centennial

Tournaments not added this time: WUHSAC, RAVE, Huskie Bowl. I need to try to put together adjustments for these sets.

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