Frequently Asked Questions post

Info will be stuck here. Requested questions will be answered as they are relevant and as time allows.

Q: Why do you do these rankings?

A: Three main reasons:

1) There was no attempt to try and evaluate teams as objectively using statistics (not win-loss) as possible.

2) It seemed that when teams were being compared nationally, teams were often being evaluated on their “name value” more than their talent. This isn’t so much a knock on those name value teams, but the fact that lesser known teams of great talent would be overlooked. I was inspired, in part, to recognize these teams.

3) No one was tracking the difficulty levels of quiz bowl sets. This allows me to track the results of many tournaments, determine their difficulty, and release that information to the general world of quiz bowl.


2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions post

  1. I assume South Burlington and Hanover were left unranked because you don’t have ppb and 15pg data from the Sue Pasco Opening Tournament. Can you affirm this?

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