Difficulty Adjustments & Update Progress

I’ve updated the difficulty adjustment values (available after the jump). The final rankings before nationals should appear by Thursday if all goes well.

It should be noted that the final rankings will display teams’ adjusted points-per-bonus, rather than their “raw” score.

Keep in mind that these numbers are essentially an average between a difference of the (approximately) top 200 teams on these sets and their best performance on an IS set. This isn’t inherently an evaluation of the set’s overall difficulty – HFT wasn’t bad for the top quarter of teams, but it was quite difficult for the lower two quartiles.

SCT D1 +7.50
ACF Regs +7.00
ICT D2 +6.00
DAFT +3.50
ACF Fall +2.50
BDAT +2.00
MD Spring +1.50
SCT D2 +0.75
HFT +0.50
RAVE +0.50
Prison Bowl +0.25
IS +0.00
BHSAT +0.00
HT22 +0.00
ATTACK -0.25
OLEFIN -0.25
WUHSAC -0.75
HT23 -1.00
RMTP -1.25
GSAC -1.25
VCU/OSU -2.00
IS A set -2.50
LIST -3.00
FKT -3.50