2014-15 Quiz Bowl Season Preview: Part Six

This time, we examine teams 141-150.

Teams we’re skipping: #141 Detroit Catholic Central B and #144 Dorman C.

150. Brookwood A (GA) – Brookwood, which finished 3rd on ATTACK and Walton, is one of the few squads that returns all of their scoring. There’s certainly no reason to think this team won’t make noted improvements next year.

Expected performance next season: up

149. Corbin A (KY) – Corbin ended their season with a HSNCT playoff appearance and a victory in the first round of playoff games before getting knocked off by Torrey Pines. This was a team that definitely depended on Kieren Weisert, and with his graduation, this team is not left in the best position.

Expected performance next season: down

148. Ben Franklin A (LA) – A team with top three finishes at Chapelle, Lusher and Dutchtown, Ben Franklin heavily depended on Matt and Travis, with JC as a strong third player. All three graduate, leaving this team very much in rebuilding mode.

Expected performance next season: down

147. Norcross A (GA) – With a much lighter schedule than previous years, this Norcross squad’s high water mark was their fourth place finish at WIT. This is a team that really relied on Tommy Evinger, who scored 75 PPG at WIT (compare with his three teammates’ combined scoring of 14.1 PPG). With Evinger’s graduation, it’ll be hard to improve on this season.

Expected performance next season: down

146. Scarsdale A (NY) – The champions at Mountain Lakes, Scarsdale loses their two leading scorers from that event, including Cindy Du. The two returning players put up solid numbers, though, so this team should be able to maintain a level that isn’t too far away from this season.

Expected performance next season: down (slightly)

145. Ames A (IA) – The only Iowa team appearing on this list, they lose their top two scorers from their strong 9th place finish at the Run for the Roses. It’s certainly not hard to imagine their having a hard time improving on this season next year.

Expected performance next season: down

143. Singapore American School A (SG) – This team finished tied for 45th at the PACE NSC, in what was essentially their fourth tournament ever. An evenly scoring team, they lose Bharath and Edith (their 1st and 3rd scorers at their self-hosted Singapore Invitational) but retain Nicholas and Jennifer. No reason to say they can’t at least match this season’s aPPB performance, if not their NSC finish.

Expected performance next season: sideways

142. Henderson A (PA) – The team that earned 2nd at the Great Valley Quiz Bowl Tournament loses all of their scoring from their event. Needless to say, that makes next season a more difficult prospect.

Expected performance next season: down


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