2014-15 Quiz Bowl Season Preview: Part Five

We’ll be looking at teams 151-160 this time (excluding, of course, #159 Wayzata B and #160 Detroit Catholic Central C).

158. Savannah A (MO) – 2013-14 was a solid year for Savannah, with a HSNCT playoff appearance, a 3rd place finish at the NAQT Missouri State Qualifier, a championship at the North Kansas City Invitational and a very impressive 7th place finish at the IHSSBCA Kickoff at Maine South. Savannah heavily depended on the one-two combo of Quentin Dishman and Evan Heronemus. Quentin graduated, though, so this leaves Evan to carry most of the load next year (they also lose third scorer Gabe Miller). It’s possible Evan will improve and be able to take this team to an even higher ranking, but just on the surface it looks like Savannah will have a more difficult time next year.

Expected performance next season: down

157. Memphis University School A (TN) – MUS put together what was likely their best season in school history with a tied for 3rd place finish at Germantown’s GATT and a win at the White Station Quiz Tournament. They graduate their two lead scorers in Aditya and Salman, so I expect 2014-15 to not go as smoothly.

Expected performance next season: down

156. Palo Alto A (CA) – This was another northern California team that made its debut this season (thanks in part to the great work of Jeff Hoppes and Nicholas Karas), which peaked with their tie for 5th place in the Northern California NAQT Championship. They return all of their major scoring for next season, so there’s certainly no reason to not be optimistic about their possibilities for the coming season.

Expected performance next season: up

155. Houston A (TN) – Houston won both tournaments hosted at Germantown High School and the invitational at White Station High School. Houston’s in very much a good news, bad news situation for next year. Good news is they get lead scorer Arunabh back. Bad news is that the rest of their scoring graduated. This situation depends on if Arunabh can either get some new support, or if he just decides to take it on single handedly.

Expected performance next season: down

154. Pensacola A (FL) – As best as I can tell, Pensacola played two tournaments of real meaning this past season – the Tate Aggie Academic Challenge and the Maclay Marauder Invitational – and won them both. The bad news is this team’s scoring largely depended on Nathan Deng and Caroline Fleischhauer, and both graduated.

Expected performance next season: down

153. Blacksburg A (VA) – A team that tied for 58th at the PACE NSC, they also won the Cave Spring NCIS. They return Tigran Asryan, their lead scorer, and Ideen Ashraf, a solid support player, but graduate second and third scorers Phillip Huang and Hans Han. I still expect this team to improve, though, especially since Tigran has proven support coming back.

Expected performance next season: up

152. AMSA A (MA) – The second place team at the inaugural NAQT SSNCT, this was a team that also claimed multiple top four finishes during the regular season. They return three of their top four scorers from SSNCT, and the one who graduated was their fourth scorer. They have also shown solid performances by their B team in the past. I have no reason to expect this team to not continue to improve.

Expected performance next season: up

151. Jesuit A (LA) – Five quality tournaments were held in Louisiana this past season, and Jesuit won every single one. While they do return solid scorers Anthony and Alex, they lose their high scorer in Kevin Yokum. This will pull them back to the pack a bit.

Expected performance next season: down


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