Set Difficulty – Update

I crunched some numbers on other non-HSAPQ/NAQT IS sets and here’s what I’ve come up with as far as a ppb adjustment.ACF Fall: +2.00 ppb

DAFT, HFT, GSAC: +1.50 ppb

Delta Burke: -0.50 ppb

FKT: -2.75 ppb

NAQT A-sets: -3.25 ppb

A positive number indicates that ppbs of teams that I’m tracking for the purposes of this ranking were, on average, that much lower than those teams’ best performances on a NAQT IS set or a HSAPQ set. A negative number indicates that their ppbs were, on average, that much higher.

Keep in mind this is not the most perfect assessment of  a set’s difficulty.

I lack the data to do a full evaluation on BATE, but if I were to use the three sample points I have, the effect would be approximately +4.50 ppb.


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