What Happened? – October 16

A short roundup of tournaments that happened on October 16.

Cal Berkeley’s Cal Classic (IS-96) – 1. Bellarmine A (last ranked #3), 2. Mission San Jose A (last ranked #11)

Notable absences include Bellarmine’s second leading scorer not being present, and several key players for MSJ A & B missing rounds 1-5. Still, Bellarmine  scored 25 ppb, which is an amazing number.

Danville Fall Tournament (HSAPQ 15) – 1. Northmont (#16), 2. Dunbar A (#15), 3. Johnson Central, 4. Dunbar B, 5. Simon Kenton

Northmont beat Dunbar A 2 out of 3 times and had more powers, more than 1 per every other game. Dunbar A’s ppb was higher, though only by 0.34. Johnson Central had a very strong performance as well, and I would expect them to be in the top 50 next week.

Missouri Fall Tournament (IS-96) – 1. Ladue, 2. Villa Duchesne, 3. Rock Bridge

No one in Missouri has been ranked yet, but Ladue could merit a spot soon. Rock Bridge and Villa Duchesne are talented as well.

LIFT X (IS-98) – 1. Seton Hall (#39), 2. White Plains, 3. St. Joseph’s A, 4. Bergen County A (#50), 5. Horace Greeley A

St. Joseph’s A narrowly avoided being ranked previously.  Great Neck South put up a pretty decent stat line, but finished 13th.

Quad States (HSAPQ 15) – 1. Seven Lakes A (#8), 1. Cistercian A (#24), 3. St. Mark’s A (#32), 4. Seven Lakes B, 5. Cistercian B (#48)

I’m not certain if Seven Lakes A was missing any players or not. Seven Lakes B and Cistercian B are both good, especially for B teams; that said, I think with more stat lines coming out, Cistercian B could fall out of the top 50.

University High School’s Tournament (IS-96) – 1. Parkersburg A, 2. Bridgeport A, 3. DuBois A, 3. University

I’m still working on putting together score sheets, but I believe Parkersburg had a ppb a bit above 20. I don’t believe any team in the field was even close.

Pensacola Invitational (IS-99A) – 1. Rickards A, 2. Bayside

No stats available

North Greenville University (IS-97A) – 1. Dorman A (#7), 2. Spartanburg A, 3. Thomas Jefferson Classical, 4. Southside Christian A

Only ppg available for this tournament, which is difficult to use as a metric because of how much the quality of opponents can affect this. That said, Dorman did well, and Spartanburg and Southside Christian had pretty high ppgs as well.

GATA Fall Tournament, Chattahoochee site (IS-97A) – 1. Centennial, 2. Norcross, 3. Alpharetta (#10), 4. Brookwood

I only saw PPG for these teams, which Centennial lead the site in.

There was also a Bleckley County site for the GATA Fall Tournament, which I haven’t seen any results for.

If I’m missing any, please post them in the comments.


One thought on “What Happened? – October 16

    Bleckley County H.S., Cochran GA

    1. Bainbridge A
    2. Baconton A
    3. Lamar County
    4. Central High School (Macon)

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