Rankings Update – 1/7/12 – Now with 150 teams!

As I said before, due to the changes of the difficulty adjustments, there will be some significant changes to these rankings. Most notably, performances on A-sets, BDAT and DAFT will be weighted heavier due to the adjustments showing those sets to be harder for teams being tracked than previously thought, while performances on HFT, HSAPQ, FKT, and GSAC will be adjusted to show those sets were easier than previously thought.

I’m not doing a full list of new teams coming into the rankings, due to the 50 new spots. Also, I don’t believe any teams actually dropped out of the rankings.

Entering the top 10: 54 Wissahickon, 79 Harker, 84 John Paul II Catholic, 86 E.O. Smith, 95 Marist, 97 South Burlington, 100 Chattahoochee B
Big jumps: Warren G. Harding, 30 to 18; Belvidere North, 46 to 19; High Tech, 44 to 23; New Trier, 51 to 31; Beachwood, 58 to 38; Hanover, 61 to 42; Solon, 72 to 60; St. Andrew’s, 89 to 70; duPont Manual B, 85 to 75; Dorman C, 88 to 78;
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