Re: “Corin Wagen” comments

Note the quotation marks.

Corin has stated on HSQB, and his coach Jason Flowers has stated in a private email to me, that Corin did not make the comments on this blog. While I don’t know Corin, I know Jason pretty well and I’m inclined to believe him.

I’d like to encourage the person or people who are abusing the commenting system to make statements intended to misrepresent other people to stop doing that. The comments are useful tool for me to gather feedback to my work, quickly receive corrections, and have an easy way to get stats or other information I may have missed. While doing this to anyone is galling, to do it to an adolescent is particularly offensive and reprehensible.

I’d encourage anyone who has judged Corin due to these comments falsely attributed to him to be aware that he did not make these statements. I’d also hope that whoever did this would apologize to Corin and admit their role in this.


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