Quick SSNCT Update

Day 1 is over. Preliminary results are here. Playoff brackets are here.

Teams that were ranked entering the tournament:

#23 Harmony Science Academy of North Austin (TX) – 9-0, 3 seed
#45 Hallsville (MO) – 9-0, 1 seed
#64 Glasgow (KY) – 9-0, 2 seed
#105 Baconton Charter (GA) – 8-1, 11 seed
#149 Richland (MO) – 9-0, 6 seed

I know BASIS Scottsdale (9-0, 4 seed) and Macomb (8-1, 8 seed) had been in the rankings earlier this year. I’m probably forgetting a few others.

If scoring trends hold up, it sure looks like Hallsville, Glasgow and HSANA are going to end up the top three.

Should be a fun playoff bracket. Best of luck to everyone!


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