Coming in May: 2015 HSQBRank All-World Teams

I’m pleased to announce that for the first time, HSQBRank will be naming All-World Teams. These teams will recognize the best individual players in high school quiz bowl for the 2014-2015.

Ten people will be announced to the All-World First Team. Ten more will be named to the All-World Second Team. The existence of Honorable Mentions has not been determined at this time. The teams will be announced in May.

I will be naming the teams myself, though this is not so much solely derived from statistics like the rankings would be.


3 thoughts on “Coming in May: 2015 HSQBRank All-World Teams

  1. Best wishes with this latest venture of yours, I have actually been waiting a while for you to do individual rankings. However, you will probably have a lot of people disagree with your rankings since there is no clear cut way to rank players (unlike teams because of ppb), although I am sure you are already aware of this.

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