2014-15 Quiz Bowl Season Preview: Part Seveteen

This time we’re doing teams 31 through 40, and with no B teams in this range we aren’t skipping anyone.

40. Menlo A (CA) – After tying for 3rd at their NAQT State Championship and tying for 21st at HSNCT, Menlo is in a position that makes them unlikely to match those accomplishments in 2015 after the graduation of their star player Hidehiro Anto. Losing a player who makes up more than 85% of your scoring does not lead to an easy path to top finishes the next year.

Expected performance next season: Down

39. Gatton Academy A (KY) – After tying for 34th at HSNCT, they do retain Will Walters but lose one of the two best individual players from Kentucky last year in Alex Malone. They’ll still be a name that comes up in national conversations, but reloading is necessary if they’re going to advance up the rankings from this point.

Expected performance next season: Down

38. Hunter A (NY)
185. Hunter B (NY)
– They do lose Marianna Zhang, who was at times their best player last year, but they retain 7 of their next 8 top players from BHSAT. They should be able to replicate, if not improve, on both of their A and B team finishes this year (A team: 21st at HSNCT, 33rd at NSC)

Expected performance next season: Up

37. Oakland Mills A (MD) – A Oakland Mills without a Kirk-Davidoff barely mills any Oaklands. (13th HSNCT, 37th NSC)

Expected performance next season: Down

36. Georgetown Day School A (DC) – They return everyone from their top six finish at Yale’s deep BHSAT event. They can definitely improve on 21st at HSNCT and 29th at NSC.

Expected performance next season: Up

35. Canyon Crest A (CA) – After taking 49th at NSC, Crest graduates their top three players from last year, including 100+ PPG from Oliver. This will be a rebuilding year.

Expected performance next season: Down

34. North Hollywood A (CA)
172. North Hollywood B (CA)
– Unable to attend a national, the 3rd place team at NAQT’s Southern California championship retains most of their B team and their main A team scorer in Sam W. I don’t know if they’ll retain enough depth for their B team to make another appearance next year, but their A team should be a top fifty team.

Expected performance next season: a possibly too conservative sideways

33. Fisher Catholic A (OH) – While this team had a solid batch of supporting players, last year’s success really depended on Tom Moore and Brandon Schull. Schull stays, but Moore’s graduation makes it questionable if they can match last year’s nationals finished. (35th at NSC, 53rd at HSNCT)

Expected performance next season: Down

32. Centennial A (MD) – A team that retains everyone, there’s no reason they can’t possibly improve on already great finishes of 18th at PACE NSC and 13th at HSNCT.

Expected performance next season: Up

31. Montgomery Blair A (MD) – Almost everyone sticks around from the 27th place team at PACE NSC; only Neil leaves a team with a strong performance at Richard Montgomery’s BELLOCO mirror.

Expected performance next season: Up


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