2014-2015 Quiz Bowl Season Preview: Part Thirteen

Oh man, local schools are back in session. I AM WAY TOO LATE.

We’re looking at teams 80 through 71 this time. We’re skipping #71 Early College at Guilford B, #78 IMSA B and #80 High Tech B for now. No Wikipedia hijinks at this point – I really feel like I need to get these moving so I’ll be done in time.

79. Downingtown East A (PA) – The 51st place team at PACE NSC, this debuting team won both the Agnes Irwin Invitational and Great Valley Tournaments. While they keep three of their four A teamers, they lose lead scorer Neil Vinjamuri (who had nearly 100 PPG at Agnes Irwin). They’ll have a tough time replacing him next year.

Expected performance next season: Down

77. La Jolla A (CA) – One of about twenty teams that finished tied for 34th at HSNCT, La Jolla does lose one of their top three scorers in Belton Zhang. They retain their other three players, including #1 Erica Liu (71.67 PPG at SMITH). They should be in a solid position moving forward; replacing Zhang’s scoring is what will determine if they’re a top 100 team or a top 25 team.

Expected performance next season: slightly up

76. Amador Valley A (CA) – One of the highest scoring 5-5 teams at HSNCT that just managed to miss the playoffs, AV finished 3rd at BELLOCO. The loss of lead scorer Jerry Li is going to put them in a rebuilding position for 2014-15.

Expected performance next season: Down

75. Kellenberg A (NY) – A tied for 58th team at NSC, this is a team that really depends on Joseph Levano for its scoring. They fortunately return him, but do lose a solid secondary player in Mark Campmier. I’m projecting them to be in about the same ballpark as this position next year.

Expected performance next season: sideways

74. Latin School of Chicago A (IL) – Tied for 53th at HSNCT with a playoff win against Troy, LSC loses #1 scorer Yinga Xia and support player Erik Brandel-Tanis. They still have some talented players there, but at this time I don’t think they’ll hit the top 100.

Expected performance next season: Down

73. Escobar A (CA) – Another one of the top scoring 5-5 teams at HSNCT, Escobar retains #2 scorer Kelvin but do lose #1 Phillip. They’re actually in a very similar position to Latin School – I expect both to probably show up in the top 200 at some point next season, but I doubt either will do a lot of playoff damage at either national.

Expected performance next season: Down

72. Springfield A (IL) – This was a team that was another one of the high scoring 5-5 teams from HSNCT. They lose Jackson Myers, who comprised approximately 80 to 90% of their scoring on any given Saturday. Obviously I’m not bullish on them next year.

Expected performance next season: Down


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