2014-15 Quiz Bowl Season Preview: Part Seven

We’re covering teams 131-140 (excluding #134 LASA C). A reminder that we’re using the pre-nationals rankings found here.

140. Bishop’s A (CA) – Bishop’s, which only played a couple of tournaments in California, had a evenly distributed team in terms of individual scoring between the five players they used at MAD. The bad news is that three of those players graduated. Even though Nikhil and Ben return, they probably will have some rebuilding ahead of them when they (hopefully) return to quiz bowl.

Expected performance next season: slightly down to sideways

139. Arlington A (MA) – Arlington, which finished tied for 65th at the PACE NSC and fourth at the Central Massachusetts Tournament, loses most of their scoring from their A team, including leading scorer Daniel Flesch. They had a B team attend things, but they’ll have work to match this year’s performance. Attending tournament between November and April will help.

Expected performance next season: down

138. Conestoga A (PA) – Conestoga, who played two tournaments this year (finishing fifth at Agnes Irwin and tied for ninth at Phoenixville), are probably one of the least known teams in the rankings. While they weren’t terribly strong on tossups, they did play well on bonuses in their limited tournament experience. They appear to return all but their second leading scorer, so I’ll be optimistic and predict the possibility of a better season if they attend tournaments.

Expected performance next season: up

137. Walton A (GA) – The fifth place team at Georgia Tech’s BHSAT mirror, Walton loses lead scorer Sarah C. and third scorer Erin D. Things look a little down for them next year; it’s a shame they couldn’t attend NSC or HSNCT this year.

Expected performance next season: down

136. DeBakey A (TX) – DeBakey put in a good season, finishing tied for fifth at the Houston Holiday Hoedown. But everybody graduated from that team, leaving them in a rebuilding situation.

Expected performance next season: down

135. White Station A (TN) – A 5-5 team at HSNCT, they took second at the Germantown Red Devil Bowl and at the Bolton Invitational. The bad news is Zach Billett, who accounted for the majority of their scoring (75.56 PPG at Germantown), graduated.

Expected performance next season: down

133. Skyline A (MI) – Skyline finished 5th at the Rube Goldberg Invitational and went 5-5 at HSNCT. Noah Chen (one of their three main scorers) graduates, but Nishant and Conrad return, so they should be in good position to improve on those results.

Expected performance next season: up

132. Troy A (MI) – The second place team at the NAQT State Championship for Michigan also snuck into the playoffs at HSNCT, though they lost in the first round. Jonathan and Omkar were the two main scorers here, each with over 60 PPG at the state championship, but both have graduated. Troy is in a rebuilding position. something something horse something something agamemnon

Expected performance next season: down

131. Litchfield A (IL) – The top small school at the NAQT Illinois State Championship also finished fourth at NAQT’s Small School National Championship. David York was a tremendous talent for them, but with his graduation, Litchfield is going to be noticeably weaker next year.

Expected performance next season: down


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