Today’s the first ever NAQT SSNCT! Here’s my (very belated) projections.

And I completely forgot about it. In my defense, I just finished my finals, so it’s been a bit of a crazy week.

Below the jump is my best attempt at projecting the results of the tournament. For what it might matter, I haven’t looked at any results yet.

As far as likelihood to win – my top three teams are what I see as a definite top tier of favorites. If they don’t win, then 4th and 5th probably will. 6th through 9th stand a chance, but the odds are against them. After that, there’s a wide swath of teams that are talented enough to pull upsets that affect the final results of the tournament significantly, but I don’t think they’re strong enough to make a run at the championship.

1. Harmony Science North Austin A (TX)
2. Hallsville A (MO)
3. South Range A (OH)
4. Glasgow A (KY)
5. Litchfield A (IL)

6. AMSA A (MA)
7. Macomb A (IL)
8. Cumberland A (IL)
9. Baconton Charter A (GA)
10. Smithville A (MO)

11. White Cloud A (MI)
12. West Point A (AL)
13. Rappahannock County A (VA)
14. Camp Hill A (PA)
15. Pilot Grove A (MO)

16. Riverton A (IL)
17. Piasa Southwestern A (IL)
18. Greenville A (IL)
19. Geneva A (NY)
20. Newcastle A (OK)

21. Brooks A (AL)
22. Weston A (WI)
23. Danville A (KY)
24. Fair Haven A (VT)
25. Colton-Pierrepont A (NY)


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