1st Top 50 – 10/14/13

Yep, updated rankings. Lots of changes. Things will get clearer in a few months; I’m waiting for adjustments on sets’ PPBs to clear up, not to mention the actual performances of teams.

Edit 1: Removed a fake DCC B from the rankings as well as a duplicate set of rankings; added Olmsted Falls and St. Mark
Edit 2: I somehow can’t spell “Crest.”
Edit 3: Turns out that DCC and Wilmington Charter’s stats from Princeton were incorrect on the original source I used. I updated their rankings, which drops them to 18th and 19th in the country.
Edit 4: Corrected mislabeling of Seven Lakes A as B.

1. LASA A (TX) (1)
2. St. John’s A (TX) (2)
3. Northmont A (OH) (7)
4. High Tech A (NJ) (3)
5. Bellarmine A (CA) (4)

6. IMSA A (IL) (5)
7. Dorman A (SC) (6)
8. LASA B (TX) (8)
9. Adlai Stevenson A (IL) (22)
10. duPont Manual A (KY) (9)

11. Richard Montgomery A (MD) (UR)
12. Western Albemarle A (VA) (17)
13. Early College at Guilford A (NC) (UR)
14. Maggie Walker A (VA) (UR)
15. Raleigh Charter A (NC) (UR)

16. Arcadia A (CA) (16)
17. Georgetown Day School (DC) (UR)
18. Wilmington Charter A (DE) (21)
19. Detroit Catholic Central A (MI) (UR)
20. Fisher Catholic A (OH) (10)

21. Dunbar A (KY) (11)
22. Ridgewood A (NJ) (UR)
23. Hunter A (NY) (UR)
24. Sidney A (OH) (UR)
25. North Hollywood A (CA) (UR)

26. Canyon Crest A (CA) (UR)
27. NCSSM A (NC) (UR)
28. St. Joseph A (NJ) (UR)
29. Ezell-Harding A (TN) (12)
30. Carbondale A (IL) (13)

31. Chattahoochee A (GA) (14)
32. Auburn A (IL) (UR)
33. Livingston A (NJ) (UR)
34. Desert Vista A (AZ) (UR)
35. Harmony A (TX) (UR)

36. Bloomington A (IL) (UR)
37. South Range A (OH) (UR)
38. Westview A (CA) (UR)
39. Menlo A (CA) (15)
40. Seven Lakes A (TX) (UR)

41. Copley A (OH) (UR)
42. Arcadia B (CA) (UR)
43. State College A (PA) (18)
44. Torrey Pines A (CA) (19)
45. Edmond Memorial A (OK) (UR)

46. Mountain Lakes A (NJ) (UR)
47. St. Charles A (OH) (UR)
48. Springfield A (IL) (UR)
49. Olmsted Falls A (OH) (UR)
50. St. Mark’s A (TX) (UR)