Preseason Rankings 2011-2012: iMDQB version

Here are my preseason top 25. Since I never get to actually watch the best teams play, commentary on the teams would just lead to me awkwardly saying things like, “man, that Adam Silverman, sure knows how to hit a buzzer and say the correct answer.” So, instead, team commentary will be replaced by movie titles.

Team’s just missing the cutoff, and thus with no awful jokes:

St. Joseph’s (NJ) , Detroit Catholic Central (MI), Enloe (NC), Detroit Country Day (MI), Rock Bridge (MO), Beachwood (OH), Northmont (OH), Culver (IN)

25. Olmsted Falls (OH) (end of last season’s rankings: 29) – MULHOLLAND OLMSTED FALLS (1996)
24. Arcadia (CA) (38) – JOAN OF ARCADIA (2003) (this is a tv show) (also Carsten Gehring is mean)
23. St. Paul Central (MN) (69) – A TROLL IN ST. PAUL CENTRAL PARK (1994)
22. Richard Montgomery (MD) (26) – THE COUNT OF RICHARD MONTGOMERY CRISTO (2002)
21. Hunter B (NY) (57) – HUNTER BEE MOVIE (2007)

20. Thomas Jefferson (VA) (12) – THE THOMAS JEFFERSON CROWN AFFAIR (1968)
19. Mission San Jose (CA) (32) – MISSION SAN JOSE TO MARS (2000)
18. Cistercian (TX) (30) – MEN OF A CISTERCIAN AGE (2009) (it’s a TV show but who cares)
16. Ladue Horton Watkins (MO) (17) – JURY LADUTY HORTON WATKINS (1995)

15. Loyola (IL) (40) – POLICE LOYOLA ACADEMY (1984)
14. Walt Whitman (MD) (56) – WALT WHITMAN (2007)
13. Carbondale (IL) (39) – WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CARBONDALE? (2006)
12. Dorman (SC) (8) – THE SPY NEXT DORMAN (2010)
11. University School of Nashville (TN) (35) – THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NASHVILLE (2002)

10. IMSA (IL) (33) – IMSA HEAT OF THE NIGHT (1967)
9. Georgetown Day School (DC) (21) – THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGETOWN DAY SCHOOL (1994)
8. Dunbar (KY) (14) – CONAN THE DUNBARIAN (1982)
7. duPont Manual (KY) (15) – DUPONT MANUAL BITES DOG (1992)
6. LASA (TX) (2) – LASA COME HOME (1943)

5. St. Anselm’s (DC) (25) – ST. ANSELM’S FIRE (1985)
4. Auburn (IL) (7) – AUBURN AFTER READING (2008)
3. Centennial (GA) (11) – JOURNEY TO THE CENTENNIAL OF THE EARTH (1959)
1. Hunter (NY) (4) – THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955)


12 thoughts on “Preseason Rankings 2011-2012: iMDQB version

  1. I’m pretty sure RM was ranked higher than 64 at the end of last season. Besides that, I don’t really agree with lots of these, but complaining about rankings ins frowned upon, so I’ll keep mum.

  2. Well, with tongue firmly planted in cheek (as in tongue-in-cheek) I’ll have to agree that the “Nerds Movie Titles Bowl” is a grand success. I’m just glad you didn’t go with <>! ! !

    PS: Transposing the #18 for the #30 is also just A-OK with me.

    PPS: TV Series are fine with me. After all, who remembers “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” (1978) except for the fact that it is the worst film EVER made!

  3. As a literature teacher, the Ya Ya Sisterhood/Cistecianhood has a definite appeal to my modern-novelesque side; however, the ‘Traveling Pants’ sounds a bit, well, “odd”. But being 18th, as opposed to 30th, I can only put a happy face by my name.

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