Random HSNCT thoughts Pt. 3: 7-3 teams

Looking for the next 25 teams here.

Bellarmine (San Jose, California)

Previously knocked out of 9 win column due to absence of Tanay.

Carbondale (Carbondale, Illinois)

IMSA (Aurora, Illinois)

Loyola (Wilmette, Illinois)

The Illinois trio are teams good enough for me to consider giving eight wins, but I had to cut somewhere. Here they fall.

University School of Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee)

Token surprise team. I don’t have them ranked because I don’t have a single complete stat line for them, but they did put up a very high ppg at a NAQT event (which sadly only reported PPG and W-L) and they finished, if I recall correctly, third at the National History Bowl. I don’t know if they have enough science/lit knowledge to make a deep run, but I think they have enough here for a playoff berth and to make a little noise.

Mission San Jose A (Fremont, California)

Chattahoochee A (Johns Creek, Georgia)

Walton A (Marietta, Georgia)

Torrey Pines (San Diego, California)

These are some teams that could possibly work up to eight wins as well. MSJ is hard to get a read on for me – they were missing players at essentially every tournament they played in except for maybe one, as I recall. It could be that I’m underrating them due to missing players, but I think that lacking playing experience backfires later in the tournament.

St. Mark’s (Dallas, Texas)

A lot of my value in St. Mark’s stems from one performance, at the TQBA State championship. It is entirely possible I have them ranked 15 or even more spots too high.

duPont Manual (Louisville, Kentucky)

Like Mission San Jose, they’ve had issues with missing players and they could surprise a bit.

Rancho Bernardo (San Diego, California)

Cistercian A (Irving, Texas

These two could also move up a tier.

Lisle (Lisle, Illinois) (Small school title eligible)

My pick for small school champions

Detroit Catholic Central B (Novi, Michigan)

Dorman B (Roebuck, South Carolina)

Thomas Jefferson B (Alexandria, Virginia)

All three of these B teams have had many strong performances on NAQT sets this year.

The rest of these can slide into here, or could be bumped down to the “top” of the 6-4 pile

Georgetown Day School (Washington, DC)

Solon A (Solon, Ohio)

La Jolla A (La Jolla, California)

Kellenberg A (Uniondale, New York)

Ladue Horton Watkins (St. Louis, Missouri)

Adair County (Columbia, Kentucky)

St. Joseph(‘s) (Metuchen, New Jersey) – I apparently don’t even know how to spell their name.

University High (Irvine, California)

Enloe (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Going to save them for 6 wins.


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