HSNCT Top 10 – Predicted!


1. LAState College – hybrid team formed when Graham Moyer and Benji Nguyen decide that it’s been too long since they last hung out.

2. Hypothetical Thomas Jefferson A, circa 2007 – reunited and it feels so goooooooood

3. Milkshakes A – you ask how they can hit the buzzers? Apparently you’ve never seen the documentary Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a work shot in real time.

4. Pokemon Blue – “Beedrill,” “Meowth,” and “Magmar” have a great tournament, but the absence of “Ekans” is a set back.

5. Hunter A – you say “team not registered for the tournament, with no apparent interest in attending.” I say “dark horse.”

6. Maggie Walker A

7. Milkshakes B – a little less consistent than Milkshakes A, but capable of going on a run. Also, strawberry-flavored.

8. Also Maggie Walker A

9. B. Baby Hentzel – the start of a dynasty.

10. Christian Ponder, quarterback, Florida State University – oh nooooooooooooooooooooo


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