Adjusting Difficuty Adjustments

I’m working on this.Presently, I’ve broken away HSAPQ from regular NAQT IS sets and, using the method I’ve described previously, have centered all difficulty adjustments in terms of ppb so that they’re based on IS sets.

I first found that HSAPQ sets are relatively easier than NAQT IS sets, by a space of about 1.5 ppb.

I’ve then used this information to adjust for the difficulty of other sets, with HSAPQ stats still used (just adjusted to their difficulty relative to IS stats).

Here’s my updated list.

ACF Fall +1.50 ppb
BATE +1.50 ppb
DAFT +1.50 ppb
GSAC +0.50 ppb
HSAPQ -1.50 ppb

So: ACF Fall became easier by 0.50 ppb, BATE became 3 ppb easier from the last measurement I published (though – and I honestly forget this – I think I was looking at it as slightly easier than that), and GSAC 1 ppb easier. DAFT stayed at the same level.

I would like to have had this done already, but real life has interfered.

To do list, in approximate order of necessity:

Prison Bowl
Delta Burke
Penn Bowl


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