Here’s a thing I’m playing around with. Please consider the following teams’ abilities and where you think they would finish at a hypothetical national championship with all of the best teams and perfect quality questions and format for determining the quality of high school teams.







7 thoughts on “Polls

  1. Hard to believe anybody would say anything other than the first answer for the first two questions, and anything other than the first or second answer for the last two questions.

    The poll should say “contender,” “top 5,” “top 10,” and “top 20” or something.

  2. I might add Bellarmine as a contender up there, given the stats we’ve seen from them this year, and given their performance at HSNCT last year.

  3. I really feel like there should be an option between “contender” and “top 10”. It feels a bit hollow to say “Maggie Walker will finish in the top 10” when I feel they’ll finish, like, third or fourth, and it creates a much finer gradation of the top teams. This probably can’t be done for this iteration of polls (seeing as so many people have already voted), but it might be useful.

    Also, Dorman should probably be on this.

    • While I would’ve liked for us to be on here, I think the poll is quite good as it is now because there can theoretically be an infinite number of requests along the lines of “why isn’t [team x that just fell short] included?”.
      These results are interesting and they say a lot about how people perceive the relative strengths of teams at the top. I think it’s helpful to have a confidential poll such as this one to supplement the transparent and oft-provocative HSQB polls. Thanks for making this, Fred.

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