Stat adjustments for 2012-2013

Reminder that the higher a positive value is, the more difficult that set was, while the lower a value is, the easier that set was. These values will change as the season progresses. They are determined by comparing teams’ performances on regular NAQT Invitational Series sets with their performances on other sets. Nothing about this indicates how well a set was written, how difficult the tossups were, or anything else. Limited data for teams that played on a set can impact the accuracy of this information.

NAQT A-Sets: -3.86
FKT: -3.86
LIST: -1.62
GSAC: -0.93
CMU: -0.81
BHSAT: -0.60
MSU/UD: -0.45
HFT: -0.29
HSAPQ 32: -0.16
NAQT IS Sets: 0
HSAPQ 33: +0.14
CATT: +0.22
CSI: +1.24
BDAT: +1.71
IFT: +1.72
ACF Fall: +2.28
NAQT SCT Division I: +7.70
ACF Regionals: +8.57